Is your drinking water hindering your health or helping your health?

Did you know that not all water is created equal?

Our body is built and performs on water….so we need to put the right water in our body.

I’ll talk briefly about a few water types –

TAP WATER is different depending on where you live, it’s definitely worth finding out about your local tap water source. Tap water is a healthier option than soft drinks however the chlorine, dirt and other harmful minerals present in the water are not so good for you. 

PLASTIC BOTTLED WATER is not typically healthier than tap water. In fact it’s said that more than half of all bottled water comes from the tap. All of the bottled water I have pH tested has been between a 4-6pH, (7pH is neutral and anything under 7 is acidic). It is also said that plastic leaches chemicals into your water.

On an eco-matter, DID YOU KNOW that globally we consume 1 million plastic bottles EVERY MINUTE, that’s 60 million EVERY HOUR and we can’t keep going at this rate!

TANK WATER all of the tank water I have pH tested has been between a 4-6pH, (7pH is neutral and anything under 7 is acidic), again it’s worth doing some research on your water source.

Water has MANY roles in our body, every cell, organ and tissue in our body requires water to function so we need to make sure water is getting into our cells instead of just sloshing around in our belly like some water does.

This is one of the reasons I drink IONISED WATER, it gets into our cells, which means it actually hydrates our body, and the key to optimal health is proper hydration. Ionised water is also anti-oxidant rich water, you can find out about that here.

Give your body what it needs to survive and heal. Don’t fill it full of more contaminates that your organs struggle to process.

Not all water is created equal and I would encourage you to research your drinking water source, your water could be hindering your health and not helping it like it should be.

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Thank you so much for reading, if you have any comments or questions pop them below or send me a message.

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