Hello Gorgeous, I'm Mandy, That Eco Warrior, I live on the Sunshine Coast and have been here since 2017 after living in Sydney for 12 years and prior to that in the UK where I was born. 

I have 1 Husband, 2 boys and 2 dogs, I love them all, and I can’t imagine my life without them, most of the time ;)

I am passionate about physical and mental health, fitness, low-tox living, contributing to an eco-friendly planet, having a great mindset, personal growth, being kind and supporting others.

I'm so much happier with less toxins and less plastic bottles in my life and I love to educate and inspire others to have less toxins and plastic packaging in their life too 🧡

Living a low-tox and eco-friendly life isn't something we 'should' be doing, it's something we need to do, for both our health and the health of our Planet. We need to be contributing to the restoration of our beautiful Earth, our only home.

My journey started in 2018 when I read an article by Sarah Wilson that said takeaway coffee cups aren't recyclable, I remember saying out loud "yes they are" which of course is what we are led to believe.

I then started researching and went down the Single Use Plastic Rabbit Hole and I was shocked to find out how much single use plastic we use daily and how much of it can't be recycled, it was heartbreaking to see the effect it was having on our planet. I started to make a big effort to stop using single use items and replace them with eco-friendly options. I shared my swaps on social media and inspired many people to do the same. 

I quickly saw the knock on effect of changing one thing at a time, sharing it with others and inspiring them to do the same, this inspired me to keep going and keep sharing.

If you want to see what I share follow me on Instagram or YouTube I'm always posting about non-toxic and eco-friendly living there.