Antioxidant Rich Water - Get in my Cells!

Antioxidant Rich Water - Get in my Cells!

Get in my cells, you antioxidant rich water💧

In the photo is a glass of Kangen Ionised Water and the fogginess you see is simply a result of hydrogen gas being released through the electrolysis process. It's molecular hydrogen, the worlds smallest antioxidant.

How is it created? 

In the Kangen machine, first your tap water is taken through a high grade filter then the water runs through platinum dipped, titanium medical grade plates, creating an electric charge in the water which restructures the water and separates the water into alkaline and acidic.

We live in such a toxic world and we overload our bodies with toxins. Free radicals are produced naturally in our body and lifestyle factors can accelerate their production. Free radicals cause disease and ageing, and who wants that!

This is why we need antioxidants as they reduce the free radicals in your body.

I love that my family drink antioxidant rich water, it really is a no brainer for me.

If you want to find out more about antioxidant rich water for you and your family then let's chat.

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