I love this Sweet Potato Experiment!

I love this Sweet Potato Experiment!

The experiment is to show that not all water is created equal. 

I am no expert or scientist, this is a simple home experiment I decided to try.

Our body is built and performs on water. We really need to make sure we are
putting the right water in our bodies.

In the photo from left to right -

💦  Filtered Water - Kangen’s pH7 Clean Water (filtered, not ionised)

💦  Tap Water - Sunshine Coast

💦  Kangen pH9.5 Water - filtered and ionised

💦  Bottled Water 

The photo was week 3 (final week) of the experiment.

Zoom in on the bottled water Sweet Potato and look at the top of it, yuk! (far right)

I know which sweet potato I'd rather be eating 🍠


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