As you may have noticed I'm passionate about recycling! I started my journey when I went down the Single Use Plastic Rabbit Hole and I was shocked to find out how much single use plastic we use daily and how much of it can't be recycled.

I'm so excited to have 4 TerraCycle Programs at The Pavilion Eumundi.

Have you heard of TerraCycle?

They are different from your local kerbside recycler. They develop recycling solutions for waste streams that are not typically locally recyclable.

TerraCycle can recycle the hard to recycle as they work with brands, retailers and other stakeholders who fund the recycling process.

You can bring the items below to The Pavilion Eumundi and I will send them to TerraCycle, or if you can't bring them in personally, feel free to post them!


  • Blades and razors (refillable and disposable products, and replaceable-blade cartridge units)
  • Rigid plastic packaging
  • Flexible plastic packaging


  • Tubes, caps, bottles and lids
  • Pots, tins, droppers and lids
  • Deodorant sticks and fragrance bottles
  • Refill pouches and face mask packaging 
  • Lipstick, balm and gloss
  • Mascara tubes and wands
  • Hand cream tubes and caps
  • Cosmetic compacts and palettes 


  • L'OR, Moccona, illy, Campos & Jed's Coffee Pods


  • Empty toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Manual toothbrushes
  • Electric toothbrush heads
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste tube plastic packaging
  • Floss containers
  • Interdental brushes

NoteElectric toothbrushes, battery toothbrushes, and/or their parts are not accepted for recycling through the program.

The Pavilion Eumundi 79 Memorial Drive, Eumundi QLD 4562