Toys for Joy Recycling Program

Toys for Joy Recycling Program

Toys for Joy is a recycling program for toys in Australia. Their goal is to reduce landfill by recycling eligible preloved toys. Toys for Joy collection bins are available in every BIG W store 🧸

To get involved, drop your eligible toys into the collection bins at BIG W, they will send them to the amazing TerraCycle to be recycled into fun new things for kids.

👉 To date, an estimated 130 tonnes of used toys have been collected, saving them from landfill. How amazing is that!!

And if you are looking for more ways to recycle items that can't go in your kerbside recycling bin I have a recycling cheat sheet called ‘Recycling Beyond the Kerbside - 9 Places You Can Recycle Speciality Items’ to help you take your recycling to the next level. Find out where to recycle sports shoes, batteries, computers and laptops, sheets, towels, beauty products and MUCH more! 

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