The importance of water in our daily lives.

The importance of water in our daily lives.

On a hot day, there is nothing better than taking a long drink of cool water. It’s refreshing. It stops us feeling thirsty. It cools us down. But apart from being a great drink, do you know why we need to drink water each day?

If we start at the beginning, our mouths, we take our water in through here, but this is also where saliva is found. The basis of saliva is water, with some enzymes, mucus and antibacterial compounds thrown in. This is what starts off digestion in our bodies and the saliva and water in our bodies help to break down food so we can extract all the good stuff from it as it passes through our digestive tract.

Not only does water help us break down our food, it is necessary to get rid of the parts we don’t need. Dehydration can lead to constipation as our waste is too hard to pass comfortably, and not drinking enough can make our urine dark in colour and smell strongly.

Outside of digestion, water has other functions in our bodies.

  • Every cell, tissue and organ requires water to function.
  • It helps to regulate the temperature of our bodies by producing sweat to help us cool down.
  • We lose water through breathing too, which may not have occurred to you, but think about seeing puffs of breath on cold mornings, that’s the water vapour hitting the chilled air.
  • Our joints need water to move smoothly. The Synovial fluid in our joints is mostly water, and this fluid helps to reduce friction and allow our joints to move without pain.

Most of the human body is water (average of roughly 60%) so make sure you enjoy water regularly as part of your day, it can help your body function to its best ability and have you feeling in tip top shape.

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Great post and reminder of the importance of drinking 💦


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