Sushi Containers Give Me Plastic Anxiety!

Sushi Containers Give Me Plastic Anxiety!

Sushi containers give me plastic anxiety!

When I get sushi I take my reusable container with me, and the legends at my local sushi shop are always happy to take it, thank you so much! 🍣

This one has a number “6” inside the triangle and are considered difficult to recycle due its low density. These items cannot be recycled through your yellow recycling bin.

There are different containers around so check the one that you have and how to dispose of it / how to recycle it. I can help you if you have any questions.

This container is from one particular sushi shop and I see a lot of these around but some sushi shops have better options.

Again for me its all about BYO, I get it takes time to make the habit but you WILL get there 🙌

Or ask for the paper bag or napkin, if you forget your reusable container.

I did a short video on Instagram, check it out 🎥

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