I have 6 short videos about Kangen Water with everything you need to know all in ONE place!

You can watch them all or just watch the one that interests you 👇

Video 1 - The Origins - An insight into the origins and ethos of Enagic.

Video 2 - The Science - We go step by step through the science and how the water compares to other liquids we consume.

Video 3 - Health Benefits - A Naturopath & Nutritionist talks us through H2 and why is it so beneficial for the body from a health and wellness perspective.

Video 4 - Demonstrations - To simulate our body’s natural processes and illustrate how Kangen Water® can reduce oxidative stress to the body.

Video 5 - Water Types & Uses - Join me for an insight into how the waters can be used in your home and business.

Video 6 - Hear from the professionals - Hear from leading Health and Medical experts from around the world who are using Kangen Water for their personal health and in their professional practices.

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