Sheet & Towel Recycling

Sheet & Towel Recycling

Thank you so much Sheridan Australia for your Recycling Program.

From Sheridans Website 👇

Our program ensures old sheets and towels of any brand are diverted from landfill, sent to partnering facilities to be sorted, shredded and made into recycled fibres. Most materials collected are cotton, which are suitable for conversion to recycled yarn that can be repurposed into new products.

Other donated materials not suitable for conversion to yarn are able to be used in non-woven products in other industries, such as insulation.

Since the program's launch in February 2019, we've collected over 138,489 kg of pre-loved bed linen and towels.

Find out more on their website 🤍

If you have any blankets or anything that Sheridan can't take, you can see if your local RSPCA, Wildlife Centre or Homeless Shelter need them.

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