What are Micro Plastics?

What are Micro Plastics?

Plastic is everywhere. A lot of it ends up in the ocean, most plastic breaks up over hundreds of years into smaller pieces called micro plastics. Yes, it takes hundreds of years! Plastic bottles take around 450 years and toothbrushes around 500 years!⁠

Did you know we use plastic straws for an average of 20 minutes, but they stay around for approximately 600 years?

⁠Micro plastics can be ingested by the smallest phytoplankton through to the biggest whale. Aquatic life and birds can mistake micro plastics for food. Micro plastics can block digestive tracts of marine life and reduce their urge to eat, causing some species to starve and die.⁠

It is also said that on average, people are consuming up to 5g of plastic every week, equivalent to the weight of a credit card.⁠

⁠On our recent beach clean-up, I was so sad (and mad!) about all the micro plastics that were on the beach.⁠

⁠We all REALLY need to reduce our single use plastic consumption as the current consumption is unsustainable in the short and long term.⁠

♥︎ ⁠If you need any help reducing your single use plastic consumption please comment below or send me a message, I have lots of ideas that I would love to help you with.⁠

⁠and Mother Earth will love you for it!⁠


@shenay_danielle 📷⁠

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