One Million Changes with Mandy Spooner + Envirobank

One Million Changes with Mandy Spooner + Envirobank

Thank you Envirobank for this beautiful article, it was so great chatting to you and thank you for all you do, guaranteeing that 100% of our bottles and cans remain in the circular economy 👏

I’m in love with Envirobank’s Home & Workplace Pickup Service. It’s so easy to do.


Put 250 or more containers (bottles/cans) into cardboard boxes or durable bags and leave them in a safe place on the collection day.


Use your Envirobank Crunch account to book a pickup or to get notified when the contactless Pickup Service becomes available in your area.


For every eligible container collected, they will deposit 10 cents or 15 Envirobank Crunch credits straight to your account, which can be redeemed for rewards or cashed out electronically.

Do you take your bottles and cans to a depot or machine? Did you know Envirobank have the home and workplace collection service?

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