I've stopped eating meat.

I've stopped eating meat.

I've stopped eating meat, it wasn't a sudden decision, but I did make it suddenly one Sunday while attending Tony Robbins 4 Day "Unleash the Power Within" on Zoom.

Day 4 was the Health and Well Being day. I love his Holistic approach to health, he had so many of his Health Gurus share amazing information. I love that they spoke about ‘living water that is ionised and gets into your cells, mmmm I wonder what that water is called, Kangen maybe? 😜

It was on this day I made the decision to stop eating meat, I saw and heard things that I can’t unsee or unhear.

I'm giving up meat for my health, for ethical and animal rights reasons, and I also believe that plant based eating is better for the planet, our home, its the more sustainable way to live.

I'm now navigating my way through vegetarian recipes!

What is your favourite vegetarian recipe?

I'd love to hear in the comments below 👇


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