How to Recycle Plastic Plant Pots

How to Recycle Plastic Plant Pots

Did you know that currently, most local councils don't have the technology or infrastructure to recycle PP5 Plastic Pots 🪴These pots require specialised processing methods that aren't available in typical recycling facilities.

Meet the amazing legends at PP5, they are the only joint venture in all of Australia specifically focused on PP5 recycling. They possess the necessary technology, infrastructure and knowledge to effectively recycle this specific type of plastic.

They have 17 processing plants strategically located across the country. This decentralised approach allows them to efficiently collect and process PP5 waste from various regions in Australia.

Go and check out their Instagram Page and Website to find out more and to find a location near you that you can take your Plastic Pots too. You will also find their bins located at Bunnings 💚

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