Bin Audit

How do to a Bin Audit and feel like a legend 👏

Doing a recycling bin audit is really powerful as it shows you the reality of your waste, and what you need to change. 

We can often think we don’t buy a lot of a particular thing until we visually see it in front of us, and if we aren’t fully aware of it then we can’t change it 🧡

I would suggest changing one thing at a time, I always say do one thing at a time, feel like a legend and then move onto another thing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all that we need to change so changing one thing at a time really helps with the overwhelm. #FeelLikeALegend


1. Just before your bin is due to be emptied, empty the contents onto a tarp in your garden or driveway. 

2. Sort the items into categories, plastic bottles, milk bottles, cardboard etc 

3. Take a photo, you can use this photo to make your 2nd change.

4. Look at what category you have the most of and swap that item out for a product that is in eco-friendly packaging. 

and if you need any help, let me know.

Have you done a bin audit? What did you end up swapping out for a more eco-friendly product?


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