Here's how to compost the BioPlastic Cups and Bowls

Here's how to compost the BioPlastic Cups and Bowls

Following on from my video about the disposing of the BioPlastic cups and bowls, I mentioned they are industrially compostable and can be composted through a commercial composing facility.

Check out Compost Connect and jump on their website to find a commercial composter.

If you are a cafe jump on the website and find a commercial composter to connect with so they can start collecting packaging and food waste from your cafe.

If you are a consumer you can see which cafes are already connected and composting.

Share this information with your favourite cafe and help them get connected with Compost Connect 💚

This info below is from BioPak👇

We also have a page called ‘Australian Councils Composting’ which outlines which councils accept certified compostable packaging in their FOGO bins. We are investing heavily in growing composting infrastructure in Australia as we believe this is the best way forward to solve our countries waste problem. We also have a Disposal page on our website which outlines how to responsibly dispose of all of our products.

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