Eco-Living Workshop - Saturday 27th April

Eco-Living Workshop - Saturday 27th April

Join us for an Eco-Living Workshop and let's turn sustainability into an enticing lifestyle choice! 

Saturday 27 April, 11am - 1pm at the beautiful Alsahwa Farm here on the Sunshine Coast.

Refreshments will be provided and guests will leave with an Alsahwa Farm goodie bag 🥳

Embark on a journey towards a greener lifestyle with our eco-living workshop! 

Join us as we delve into four transformative low-tox and eco-friendly swaps across five key areas of your home: Bathroom, Laundry, Kitchen, Pantry & Fridge, and Out & About.

Discover how simple changes can make a significant impact on your environmental footprint. From sustainable bathroom products to eco-conscious laundry solutions, I'll guide you through practical tips and easy swaps that promote a healthier planet and a healthier you.

But wait, there's more! Dive into recycling tips tailored to each area, ensuring you're maximising your efforts to reduce waste and recycle effectively. And to make the experience even more engaging, we'll have props and visuals to illustrate the power of these eco-friendly choices.

Get ready to be inspired as we demonstrate that living sustainably isn't just a trend – it's a fulfilling lifestyle that benefits both you and the planet.

Join us and let's create a more eco-conscious future together, grab your tickets today.

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