Do You!

Do You!

Do You!

Please don’t think I am perfect on my sustainable journey, yes I do a lot and I’m always making an effort and I’m always making changes.

However I’m also #imperfect ♥️

But I know that every bit I do will go towards making a difference to our planet.

I do strongly believe that low-tox living and contributing to an eco-friendly planet aren't an option anymore, they are a necessity for both our health and the health of our planet.

However I don’t judge anyone for their non sustainable choices, I am here to educate and inspire, and I do it for our planet, it’s a passion of mine.

Do what you can for our planet, every bit helps.

We are all on a different paths, we all have different passions about world issues and that’s great as the world needs people who are passionate foster carers, who are passionate about eliminating child sex trafficking, gender equality, bullying, domestic violence, poverty, water and food scarcity and the list goes on and on.

Thank you to everyone for doing YOUR bit to save the world 🙏

#ThankYou #DoYou

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