OzHarvest, thank you for all that you do 🧡

OzHarvest, thank you for all that you do 🧡

I’d heard about OzHarvest but I didn’t know just how incredible they are as an organisation until I met a gorgeous girl who works for them.

Did you know OzHarvest rescues good quality surplus food from registered businesses and then uses the food to feed people in need 🧡

OzHarvest in Brisbane opened its doors in 2014 with one van. Now with a fleet of 9 vans, the team rescues more than 25,000kg of food every week, which equates to 55,000 meals delivered to people in need throughout Brisbane 👏

I love their USE IT UP tape that you put on the foods you need to use first before they go to waste. You can get the tape on their website for free or you can also make your own tape and use this system at home, its a great way to make sure you use your food so it doesn’t go to landfill.

I could talk all day about the incredible work they do, go check them out OzHarvest Queensland 🧡

#UseItUp #PickMe

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