How clean do recyclables need to be?

How clean do recyclables need to be?

Recyclables don’t have to be dishwasher clean. Small amounts of food left don’t interfere with recycling process but don’t leave on chunks of pizza, tuna in the tin, half moulded yoghurt or leftover milk.

Empty the recyclables out, give it a quick rinse, shake off the water and put it in your recycling bin 👏 and you can use left over dish washing water so you aren’t wasting water.

🍕 Before putting pizza boxes in your home recycling, scrape off all the solid food scraps. There should be no solid food left in the box or a lot of grease, a little bit of grease is OK.

Remember that recycling is an important way to reduce waste and conserve resources, so it's important to do your part to ensure that your recyclables are as clean as reasonably possible before they are placed in the recycling bin.

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