Food Packaging Supermarket Swaps

Food Packaging Supermarket Swaps

Plastic is everywhere in the supermarket.

It’s said that only 18% of plastic packaging is recycled in Australia with the majority of packaging ending up in landfill and our oceans, where it can exist for hundreds of years.

To help you on your eco-friendly journey in the supermarket I have a few swap ideas for you. ⁠

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CHERRY TOMS - buy loose tomatoes (and don’t put them in a single use plastic bag) or grow your own cherry toms.⁠

MUSHROOMS - go loose and use the paper bags they provide.⁠

PACKET MEATS - buy meat from the Deli instead. You can either take your own container with you or they will wrap the meat in a plastic bag and then paper. You can put the plastic bag in RedCycle (see below) and recycle the paper.⁠ [2023 the RedCycle service is no longer running]

SAUCES & SPREADS - choose the glass bottles over the plastic ones, I have BBQ and tomato sauce in glass bottles, as well as peanut butter, mayonnaise etc⁠

DETERGENT FOR DISHES AND CLOTHES - choose powder in a cardboard box over liquid in a plastic bottle.⁠

BUTTER - reuse the container around the home or in the garage to store nails etc⁠

CHEESE - buy a block of cheese and slice it yourself at home instead of buying the pre sliced in plastic packaging. ⁠

HAND WASH & BODY WASH - use a bar of soap instead.


REDcycle, these Legends are at Coles and Woolworths, you give them your plastic bags, plastic bread bags, frozen veg bags, basically any plastic you can scrunch and they send them to a company that turn the plastic into outdoor furniture, fencing, bollards and much more!⁠⁠

Have you got a swap you can add to this list?


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