Food Packaging Supermarket Swaps

Did you know that more than 80% of our food packaging can't go in our recycling bins?

To help you on your eco-friendly journey in the supermarket I have a few swap ideas for you. ⁠

SAVE this for when you are next going shopping!⁠


CHERRY TOMS - buy loose tomatoes (and don’t put them in a single use plastic bag) or grow your own cherry toms.⁠

MUSHROOMS - use the paper bags they provide.⁠

PACKET MEATS - buy meat from the Deli instead. You can either take your own container with you or they will wrap the meat in a plastic bag and then paper. You can put the plastic bag in RedCycle (see below) and recycle the paper.⁠

SAUCES & SPREADS - choose the glass bottles over the plastic ones, I have BBQ and tomato sauce in glass bottles, as well as peanut butter, mayonnaise, jam etc⁠

DETERGENT FOR DISHES AND CLOTHES - choose powder in a cardboard box over liquid in a plastic bottle.⁠

BUTTER - buy a dish and get the foil wrapped versions.⁠

CHEESE - buy a block of cheese and slice it yourself at home instead of buying the pre sliced in plastic packaging. ⁠

HAND WASH - buy a bar of soap instead, or check out Single Use Ain't Sexy and use MANDY15 for a 15% discount!⁠

PASTA & RICE - look out for the cardboard packaged options.⁠


REDCYCLE - these Legends are at Coles and Woolworths, you give them your plastic bags, plastic bread bags, frozen veg bags, basically any plastic you can scrunch and they send them to a company that turn the plastic into outdoor furniture, fencing, bollards and much more!⁠

What supermarket swaps do you do?⁠


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