Clean up for the Turtle Hatchlings

Clean up for the Turtle Hatchlings

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Beach Clean Up for the Turtle Hatchlings 🐢  and a massive thanks to Sunshine Coast Council for organising this big yearly event!

There was a lot of micro plastics on the beach and a lot of other rubbish too!

Where do micro plastics come from? The single use plastic we need to stop using!!!! Ranty pants blog coming soon 😜

This year, 697 participants collected 495kg of litter from 19 different sites across the length of the Sunshine Coast.

The most common items were cigarette butts, single use plastic items (e.g. straws, cutlery & food wrappers) plus a large number of micro plastics.  

We collected 19kg of rubbish from our site in Coolum.

Put 7th March in your diary for the next clean up for the annual Clean Up Australia Day, we would love to see you there!

Send me a message here if you want to come along.


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